French Bulldog Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated French Bulldog Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless-Steel Food and Water Bowls (3 Pc. Set) is great for French Bulldogs with it’s ergonomic design for their neck and back. It’s also a very trendy and appealing French Bulldog bowl for home decor!

Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated French Bulldog Bowl

French Bulldog Bowl

  • Promotes healthy posture
  • Better for digestion
  • 12° incline for easy eating
  • Made of Bamboo & Steel
  • Dishwasher Safe Bowls
  • Anti-slip feet

One thing to note is that the stand doesn’t sit flat and it’s at an angle. So when filling up the water, you need to be mindful to not overflow the bowl because the water bowl can’t be filled up too much.

The good news is it is much better for your Frenchies neck and back to have this trendy and elevated dog bowl.

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