Tail Teaser Durable Dog Wand

Does your dog love to play fetch? Then they’ll go crazy for the Outward Hound Tail Teaser Flirt Pole! This toy is designed to wear out even the most energetic French Bulldog zoomies.

The flexible pole makes it easy to twirl and spin, and the faux fur tail is brightly colored and super fun with different animal options available to purchase.

Tail Teaser Dog Wand

Tail Teaser Durable Dog Wand

French Bulldog Flirt Pole Toy

  • Extra lure attachment included
  • Durable & flexible nylon cord
  • Squeaks & rattles
  • Great for exercise
  • Training tool
  • Practice impulse control
  • Interactive fun

The Outward Hound Tail Teaser is a fun flirt pole toy that keeps your Frenchie active and engaged.It’s a great way to interact with your dog, give them exercise, help with training and it’s just a fun toy for your dog to have.

Your frenchie will love chasing after this teaser like a cat loves chasing a catnip mouse.

Great way to interact with your dog, give them exercise, and help with training.

This toy is designed to keep your French bulldog engaged and occupied. The toy itself is durable, and also easy to use: just attach the lure pole on one end, whip it back and forth and let your dog enjoy playing with it!

This toy can be used for many different purposes. It can help tire out your frenchie and be used for various training exercises. It can help control impulses and aide in teaching sit, heel, stay, play, come here in the safety of your home.

It is also more engaging and simulating than just playing repetitive catch as you are in full control of the game and movements.

If you’re looking for a dog catching pole, this one is an excellent choice because of its durability and price.

The Outward Hound Tail Teaser French Bulldog Flirt Pole Toy is made with a lightweight but strong plastic that can withstand most French Bulldog biting and chewing.

It’s also very easy to use, which makes it great for all family members to spend time playing with your frenchie without having to exert much effort themselves.

The handle has textured grips so it’s comfortable to hold even when you’ve been playing with your pup all day long!

Final Thoughts

Overall, this toy is a great choice for French bulldogs who love to play, have the zoomies, are active, and can be used to help train them. In our experience it’s very durable, fun, and easy to use even after 2 years of owning it. It’s price ranges from $15-$20 which is very affordable for the product and value it provides.

This flirt pole toy has been our Frenchies #1 activity and toy that she associates with the words play since we have owned it. Highly recommend this product to all our fellow Frenchie Owners.

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